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AVIATION TENDERS is dedicated to accomplishing one goal.
That goal is to revolutionize asset and service purchasing or the aviation industry desiring a goal of such scope
and achieving it, have been two different things. But today, we have created aviation services tender based
system that changes purchasing methodology for major industry players and smaller business alike.

Revolutionary Online Aviation Tenders

The Aviation Tenders are here to maximize and ease the process of communication between sellers and buyers. And the negotiations have become more efficient since you are aware of all the bids of the other players beforehand. The Aviation Tenders work all over the globe providing an improved marketplace for the aviation industry. With the implementation of our world’s first online tender system, we have changed the way of how providers sell aviation services. Thanks to the compulsive registration process, our tender system ensures the highest levels of usability, efficiency, and security.

Favorable Environment for Aviation Bids

A fully-automated database ensures the best options as well as prices for necessary flight supplies – fuel for jets, aircraft parts, handling & catering services, and charter options. Our online bidding system provides equal opportunities for both large and small suppliers of aviation services. Just go through our registration and validation procedures and take an active part in the bidding process. Now you can compete with large industry players and capitalize on our revolutionary bidding system. Personal information isn’t revealed until a request is selected to ensure the transparency. Our system utilizes special metrics which allows evaluating each supplier and buyer. As follows, our online bid system provides an effective and efficient process for: Unlike manual tender systems which are prone to errors and time consuming, our automated database can handle enormous volumes of bids and single out the most cost-effective options within seconds.

Online Aviation Jet Fuel Tenders

Fuel is one of the most crucial things in the aviation industry while any aircraft can take off without high-quality jet fuel. Thus there is a fierce struggle between jet fuel suppliers trying to win the bid. But with our online tender system, you get the best possible prices through the bidding process.

Never miss a win-win situation with our online tender system.

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We set out to create something unique that empowers businesses and provides new opportunities right across the world, and our tender system has accomplished that.
By implementing a stringent registration process that verifies identities and business credentials we have built a community that you can trust, with hundreds of registered suppliers.
The systems we have built for the tender process itself are designed to make the whole process fast and easy to use, creating a global market that presents new opportunities for any business in the industry.
The bidding system also provides a competitive environment that is key to value, you always get the best prices through our system.
Teamwork, dedication and a motivation to make a difference has been at the core of our ethos from day one, and AVIATION TENDERS is the result of that.
We are extremely proud of our accomplishment, it is a world first opportunity for everyone involved and a unique way to explore the possibilities and opportunities the system brings to the industry.